Welcome to Ambrosia, an anime/manga/gaming icon collective.. This site is designed and maintained by me, Jessica. Popcandy opened in December of 2017. Here, I offer a variety of icons, and I strive to bring you THE best!

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News: the holidays are here

Welcome to Ambrosia! Today is the official opening of the site! I've added many icon bases and icons to the site!

I'll be opening to affiliates and link exchanges also, so feel free to apply! I'll be looking for icon collective and graphics sites for affiliates! I'll accept all sites for link exchanges! :-)

There will also be a creation of a sister site for Ambrosia featuring icons for celebs, and tv characters and such. :-) Be sure to keep coming back to new updates,

Edit 12/21; ADDED
3 Kamisama Kiss Icons
2 Naruto Icons
1 Twin Star Exorsist Icon
1 Sailor Moon Icon
And a bunch of icon bases from different categories from my old icon site, Jattex.

Edit 12/26: Added
9 Boruto Icons
4 DNAngel Icons

Posted by Jess on 2017-12-16 :: comments 0

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